Vesc 4.12 voltage reading

Hi guys. I have a question about flipsky 4.12 vesc. I have a board with single 6364 190kv motor on 10s lipo with a flipsky 4.12 vesc. I bypass my bms for discharge.

My question or problem is the voltage reading on the mobile phone app. On my phone the vesc tool voltage reading is 41.00 volt. Is that normal on a full charged 10s lipo? I tested my battery with a voltmeter and it reads 42.23v. I also have a lcd battery display connect to the battery out put just b4 the vesc and it reads 41.7v. Could the vesc and led voltage meter cause the reading difference?

Battery 42.23v -> lcd voltmeter b4 the vesc 41.70vā€”> vesc tool app 41.00v

The flipsky esc is known to give inaccurate voltage values.

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Like Taz said, they slightly inaccurate. Unfortunately, with lipos, each little tick of voltage is important in maintaning healthy lipos. Just adjust your cutoff voltage by the difference and you should be fine


Just curios, is it safe to charge without bms by using only vesc flipsky or focbox? @anon64938381 @taz

I am not sure what you mean.

The vesc has nothing to do with the charging of the battery except for regenerative braking.

The only time it is safe to not use a BMS is if you are using a hobby charger with a balancing function.

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Thank you for your ecplanation