Vesc 4.2 incorrect settings

So I just received another vesc from torque boards. The 4.12 version. I am fairly familiar with vesc I have one other vesc from torque boards and a focbox. As shown in the pictures what I have set up in the Vesc Tool isn’t matching what I’m pulling from my board. I do not normally have my max brake or current max that high for the motor that was just to get the max values shown in the picture. At my usual 55 braking amps I was only actually getting 13 amps. At 75 shown in the picture which is a lot I only got 17 amps. It is increasing as I increase the motor amps but at this rate I’m going to have to be at 100 braking amps just to actually get 30 amps which isn’t right. Any ideas would help? Thanks

image image

I’m guessing this is not under load and on the bench.

What I showed in the second picture was under load that was how I was able to hit 50 amps on the motor and 31 from the battery that would be hard to hit on a bench. I first discover the problem because I set the same settings as my last vesc and when I went out to ride the board I noticed it was really slow and had almost no brake when applying full brake. Now with the setting I have for the motor current is okay it has good acceleration but the brake is the problem 17 amps with full brake applied is not enough.