VESC 4 cooling, overheated

Hi people. I use a double VESC 4 on Trampa MTB 13:66 192kv Temperature in the street +35С My vesc overheated more than +82C and the protection worked, I could not accelerate and slow down.

Do many have such an overheating problem? I need new box for Vesc))IMG_4452IMG_4449

Should I think about passive or active

On 35°C ambient with a mountainboard (=> pneumatics ) this is normal behavior, you basicly can’t get arround any type heatsink if you run your VESC above 25A for a considerable amount of time.

A heatsink can’t work without any airflow, and since yours seams to be fully enclosed you have basicly non.

You should add a heatsink (if don’t you have one) and think of a way that air can pass along the heatsink.

Look at @Kug3lis website… I recommend his solid aluminum cases


Never over heated

02-103 FLIPSKY Aluminium case for VESC V4.12