VESC 6.0 with high kv (800kv) motor

Hello everyone,

I ordered two VESC 6.0 from here last night.

I have had a recent bad experience with MayTech 4.12 VESC (maybe it was partially my mistake too).

Well, I would like to know that if the VESC I ordered, would they work for high kv motors in the range of 750 kv to 1100 kv? These are basically small copters motors and I would really like to use them for a project. Its not related to skateboards, RC or helicopters. I like the current sensing and other features of VESC thats why I am determined to use that.

I noticed that in Vedder’s video (link below), he said something about shunt in the start. Can anyone clear it to me if I would have to change the shunt if I want to use the 800 kV motor?

Thank you

What battery voltage are you planning to use? That’s an important factor.

I have a power supply with 5 A, variable voltage (upto 30V) output.

I also have a 6s LiPo but I would like to use supply.

The vesc6 has been tested up to 150K erpm. With a 1000kv motor, that means you can use up to 15v without worries. I don’t know what the absolute maximum possible ERPM is, or how to improve upon it.

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Thank you MysticalDork

So I should not worry about changing shunt ?

For my application, I will eventually apply load on the motor, are there any features that calculates torque also in VESC? I mean for simple DC motor , I would simply multiply current value with torque constant. Does it still hold for outrunner?

I don’t know enough to give useful advice about that, unfortunately.