VESC 6.6 + APS 6384 4000W and Battery Bundle

For sale VESC 6.6 + APS 6384 130KV Motor + 5.2AH battery and charger pack - All new never used.

4 LEFT of 4 Motors - $100 each shipped USA. 2 LEFT of 4 VESC $100 each shipped USA 5 LEFT of 8 Batteries $90 each shipped USA

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Would anybody be interested in me splitting up these parts?

I am interested in those motors, would you be willing to part out the motors and if so what are you asking?

I’m interested in the flipsky 6.6 - price??

I have one separate $100 Shipped USA.

Motors - $100 each shipped USA. VESC $100 each shipped USA Batteries $90 each shipped USA

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PMing you about VESC

Only 2 VESC 6.6 remaining. Still have a total of 4 motors and 5 Battery Packs/Chargers.

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Are all 4 motors the same? Would you be willing to ship outside US?

what do you want for a battery pack and what are the specs ?

$90 for each pack. They are 18650 cells, total is 5.2AH nominal voltage 36V 10s2P packs with top voltage cutoff at 42.2 or 42.3 depending on the charger itself. I’ve had good luck with these in the past and powered many DIY boards including using 4 sets on the Trampa board with 8inch wheels and constantly go 22 miles running flat out. I’d stop when battery sag came in around that point. Each pack is good for 5-7 miles depending on speed, hills, and motor setup. 40AMP max and 13 AMP constant so you really need 2 packs if you want to get range and have good responsiveness.

I still have 2 single VESC 6.6 with the heat sink, 4 Batteries and 4 6384 sensor APS 130Kv motors left. Cost over $1,000 with shipping to me. Make me a resonable offer via Direct Message and pay for shipping and they could be yours. I’ll be tossing in a bunch of XT90 and XT60 connectors, hall sensor wires, a remote with bluetooth connector, another bluetooth module (not sure if it’s for a remote or for phone communication with VESC software) and other miscellaneous stuff lying around. Looking to ship as a bundle only.

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