Vesc 6 and 4 together?

Hello fellow builders!

I’m going to test out a flipsky 6. It was on sale for 153$ on rcmoments.

Do you think I can use it as master and use the torque vesc (4.10) as slave?

That is an interesting question subbing this

That is a good question. I would assume you’d have to run dual receivers with both set as masters but I’d be interested to know if they could communicate correctly via can


I’m just guessing but I think you will get a lot of torque steer with can bus as they handle amperage much differently. You would likely have to run split PPM and tune them.

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I guess I’m gonna try myself when I get it :rofl:


Post your results, sems a lot of people are interested. Good luck.

I’ll definitely will! Thanks guys


I would definitely use 2 separate receivers like @SuperBen said. Which remote are you using? I know the mini remote and the G2TB can both be run with dual receivers

But if you tried for science I’m sure a lot of us would want to know – but for safety reasons I don’t know if I would trust that. Those two versions of the firmware may not be intended to work together and I would suspect it’s a high probability that if it does work it might be buggy. Eating street because of software bug would suck.

I think I’ll try the can bud for science :slight_smile:

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Any Updates?

I would definitely agree with @b264 about 2 separate receivers. I am also doing so with mini remote and it’s just proven to be super reliable.

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As long as you flash the 4.10 with latest FW from vedder the CAN bus will be fully compatible no problems there. All that is sent across is a current command.

EDIT: suppose its possible but unlikely the transceivers might not play nicely together.

Tested, they play nicely

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I’ve run 4.12 and focbox together over CAN, and focbox with an DIY Escape on same firmware version (ack 3.100) just fine.

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