Vesc 6, more torque from 0 km/h?

This is not an esk8 build, but i´m using the Trampa Vesc 6 plus, and have question about this, so hope it´s okay…

The thing is, I have build an Electric Drift Trike, around the trampa vesc 6 plus and a e-bike hub wheel…

I know this is a Direct Drive, so no transmission, like i use to have on my esk8, giving a lot of torque.

I run the vesc 6 at 12s lipo, Motor Max at 100amp and Battery Max 100 amp, and newest vesc tool.

Any settings that could give me more torque/current from 0km/h ?? I run the vesc in ADC mode, and the setting “current” in the GUI… is “duty cycle” better ? When i hit around 10 km/h I got a lot of torque, and very good acceleration. But most of the time, im going slowly and only need the torque/ amp in the bottom, I don’t care about the top end.

And oh… This is how the beast looks, if any interested :slight_smile: 1 2 3 4

Thanks Guys…


what a beast, do you run sensored? Might help with startup torque

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Oh i forgot… Yes FOC sensored…

You can play around abit with the throttle curve, change to duty cycle controlled, to see if it tickles you in a better way. Think you pointed out most of the other things I have to say so thats about all ideas I have


Whats the big difference between current and duty cycle ? I will look at the throttle curve… This is just at default now…

Current control means targeting a specific max draw. Duty cycle simply put, describes at which rate the controller is running(or rather switching) the motor, 100% beeing absolut max. (which is close to impossible to reach).

See simplified gif of dutycycle. (its best explained with a PWM)

rather then targeting a current level, it tries to apply throttle relative to desired operational duty of the VESC. Its abit hard to explain. Best if you change mode and see for yourself how it behaves.


I will give some attention to the throttle curve, and give duty cycle a try. Thanks,.

Looks cool! I was worried that this motor won’t withstand 5000W with such a low KV even if it’s big. Does it get hot?

Not at all, so much potentiale in this motor. The vesc is the limiting factor. A HV vesc would just be perfect.

May be FSESC 200A considering that it’s cheaper than Trampa. Or no more chinese ESC after experience with MakerX?

well, the HV vesc wouldn’t be the limiting factor if u swapped atleast XD And you could use it for other stuff as well if its too much. Like a hydrofoil or something :stuck_out_tongue:

@Drom Still only 12s… Higher voltage is the way to go with this motor.

@linsus Yes exactly

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One thing you can try as well is to set the positive ramping from 0.3 to 0.1sec. It’s in the ppm settings.


Which hub motor is that? looks fun, may build something ridiculous like that after my MTB

Oh yes… forgot about that setting, thanks @Andy87 but i´m using a hand throttle, and the ADC setting in vesc tool…I have a look if this is possible.

@Resonant its a 1500 watt e-bike hub wheel motor from leafbike motors with efficiency of 90,7%

Just did a test run of the acceleration and top speed. Now i will play with throttle curve, and ramping time…

Imaging what higher voltage could do :heart_eyes:

Wait I don’t understand why you’d suspect more voltage is needed for increased stall torque. Motor torque is a function of field strength, which depends on current, not voltage.

I know… At the moment my motor max/bat max is 100amp, with higher voltage i could get away with lower Amp and gain more efficiency, or keep 100amp and get more torque

Do you have any way of showing what ampage you are drawing from the battry and voltage sag? I’m guessing that the limiting factor is the battry. Lipo company’s have a habit of drastically overestimating what thay can output in the real world.

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Yes… I will log with metr module.


As far as I know, more Voltage gives you more max RPM/speed. Because if your motor is 10KV and wheel is 20", with 50V it will give you max 500RPM / 48kph, and with 70V it will be 700RPM / 67kph. To keep the same max speed and increase the torque, you need lower KV or smaller wheel size, or higher gear ratio (not applicable in this case)

I could be wrong :grin:

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