Vesc 6+ with maytech 8085 sensored

I am looking to build a dual motor atb and wire the maytech 8085 sensored to the vesc 6+. I don’t have the parts yet, so I can’t confirm but from pictures I can see that the maytech 8085 has a 6 pin sensor cable connector. Where the vesc is using a 7 pin connector according to Trampa. How can this work?

Probably my most visited page from TB:


Or you can just solder the wires if you know the layout

How many pins does the vesc 6+ have? 6 or 7?

Here it looks like less of a problem as both ends have 6 pins. But Trampa says the vesc 6+ has a 7 pin connector.

I tried digging but I have no idea.

Ok thank you!

Black, brown, white, green, blue, red. 6 wires :slight_smile:

Hey Doneone,

did you already thought about the trucks and motor mounts?

Trucks going to be Trampa. Drive will be e-toxx gear drive

Did you buyed already your maytech 8085?? I am bit sad… i blowed up my aps 8085 (cleaned them with compressed air from the wrong side…) So i wantet the maytech ones… and some 10 inch tires… but the maytech motors are barely half as big as the aps ones :sob: So may i send them back or you can buy these new motors from me