VESC and GT2B problems


I have one big problem - VESC brakes motor when GT-2B transmiter is off. How to make VESC not do anything when I turn off transmiter? In BLDC tool I have 0A current in field about Timeout (when no control signal is received) and 10000ms delay. I`m getting kind of glitches and today I hit a groud badly with my eMTB board. I will check hardware, but it is possible to make VESC not do brakes when transmiter is off?

Thank you

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Theres somewhere setting to set the baud / gauss at 1500 upon signal lost from transmitter.

In the main app tab: "Brake current to use…” can be set to make the motor brake with a certain current when a timeout occurs instead of just releasing it.

This needs to be set to 0,00.

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Yes, this is already 0,00 but I get really hard wheel lockup when I shut down transmiter. I checked this today 2-3 times. That lockup goes away after 20 seconds or so and then wheel with motor spins easy.

Did you try to adjust the settings on the transmitter itself? There are some things that can be easily dis adjusted during usage.

It might send a brake signal to the VESC.

Fail-safe? Maybe. I will test this with simple servo. And also why I get dropouts and I get to ground…

Thank you.

Yeah, check the receivers fail-safe thingie, that helped me

Yes, got solved everything. Firstly - receiver antena ground wire was broken from PCB. Soldered back. Secondly - receiver fail-safe was kicking full brakes with no signal. Removed that with this tutorial -

Take care with your fail-safe because you will end up flat on ground…


Hey again. Can i get in touch with you, about vecs?

Yes, just write a PM.