Vesc and Motor help

Hey guys will this vesc diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ and this motor connect right out of the boxes or will i have to solder connectors on to the vesc? Thanks!

It will fit. It’s standard 4mm bullet connectors.

Thank you! Would I have to program the vesc or should it work right away. Sorry about all these questions but I am new to this whole thing…

I think the VESC already has the latest firmware on it, but you still need to do motor detection and configure voltage cutoffs for your battery.

Read this:

It won’t fit, the motor uses 4mm bullets and that VESC is using 5.5mm bullets.

You’re probably right. @Gabriel_Robinson: disregard my answer and listen to Nick instead.

ok thanks man. This motor has 4mm connectors would it work or is the motor size(kv) to small

The KV of these motors may be too high for the Vesc ERPM limit but it will depend on what voltage you will be running. If you get motors from the same supplier that your getting the Vesc from, you will have a better chance of it matching.

ok thanks for the help