VESC and motor issues?

i am building a dual motor board and both vescs have been programmed. When i start the motors up one starts normally and the other is a bit sluggish until i push down the throttle a little further. Is this an issue with my remote settings or do i need to look into issues with the motor itself? has anyone else had this issue on a dual motor set up?

Sensored or sensorless?

sensorless 280kv motor and it is running on 6s 12000mah pack

I have the same thing happen to me sometimes too. Also on 6s sensorless. see how it behaves with you on it from a standstill.

Foc or bldc?

i actually tested it a bit earlier and it was able to start up from a standstill with me on it which was pretty good considering the last board i made did not. Even though it starts up im skeptical as to if it is reaching max speed if its not calibrated right

bldc. i heard foc has issues with breaking.

Yeah I doubt there’s any issue. What FW are you on? And what vesc are you using?

sorry im not sure what FW means. i am using the VESC 4.12

What firmware, 2.18? 3.30? 2.54? I mean where did you get the vesc from?

I bought them from eBay from a seller named softempower

forgot to reply with @ sorry

Hmm looks to me like it’s a maytech. Not 100% though. Stick with bldc unless you wanna risk it.

what issues would i have with foc? i havent done much research on it but from what ive heard it was just an issue with stopping. is there anything else i need to be looking out for?

I do run foc and I haven’t had any issues braking, some of the older firmware versions could have a boost effect when approaching top speed. I had that when running foc on 2.18fw.

Since updating to 3.34fw with the vesc-tool that has disappeared.

Just be sure to follow the setup process correctly, which on the vesc-tool is dead simple.

Hey, I´ve problem with 2 FOCBOX´s. During the ride very often motors turning off (for 1 sec or 2 sec.) and again ride normall. 2 months ago, I set the FOCBOX too and all is OK. I use same steps. Motors turning off when I using single or dual motors (not fault in CAN-BUS) all others parts are OK. Maybe I have 2 FOCBOX wrong (I dont believe it) or is some problem in settings. Have somebody same problem? (Used: Ackmaniac bldc tool, VESC-tool (, Ackmaniac vesc-tool) - for every SW must used different fw. Thanks for advices.