Vesc app for IPhone X

Is there any app compaitiable with a iPhone x so you can monitor your board? Can’t find anything

Working on one right now

Don’t know about other apps, but I’m sure they’ll be formatted to the screen.


Are u going to have to use a Bluetooth module to see the data right

Yes, I have a VESC 4.12 and I don’t think anything for IOS is out for that yet

search the app-store for metr and perimetr

I’m using the Metr module and app on iphone 7 with ios 11 and Apple Watch 3 The disply is fully customizable on iphone but only 2 readings display on Apple Watch. @JLabs is offering a module and app for iOS that displays more data on the watch.

Nice okay where r u located because getting 97 degrees sounds like where I am

I actually got mine working and I’m going to do that for sure

Those where random generated numbers, not real. My board wasn’t even on…

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Your app looks really cool.

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was about to say… your moving pretty fast for sitting :joy:

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Oh lol. Haha

Old topic but still valid. Is there any good vesc app for the iPhone? I’m using the eSkate vesc app now and it’s good but I see that the ackmaniac tool for android looks even better. I tried using a Samsung s5 but quickly discovered that it doesn’t support the BLE module properly and I learned why I left android so I’m hoping to find something just as good for IOS :slight_smile:

For me Metr is the best one, but you have to buy the module from @rpasichnyk

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that doesn’t work with my HM10 module :frowning: