VESC Battery Settings Help

Hello, I’ve searched youtube and this forum and can find no consensus information on how to calculate these settings(below circled in red). Some people say one thing, some say another and them some same divide the number by two if you’re using two motors. Please help.

Setup info:

Battery - 12S6P Molical P26A (custom made) , 15.6aH, 44.4v(maker told me to get a 50.4v charger)

Motor - Two Flipsky BLDC 6384

ESC - Go-FOC DV6 Pro

You must know your batttery to fully figure this out. If your battery, say for example:

80A max discharge,

You would do it by the following:

If you are using one esc: 80A or 70A etc. Nothing above.

If you’re doing dual esc: 80A/2 since you have to divide per motor. Canbus must have the same setting.

Battery max regen should be what ever feels right to you for hard braking. You wouldnt need it -30A or so. 20A feels right.

Thanks for the quick reply but I inadvertently posted it while I was still composing. I’ve added all the info I have now.

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Okay. You have 150A that the battery can discharge.

75A dual motor battery max.

Regen… id say -20A.

Thanks Leon. How did you calculate the 150A?

Also one of my pics dropped from the first post. Can you provide any insight on the settings below?

P26A batteries were tested by battery mooch and what is the appropriate amps it can be discharged. Even though it says 35A, the safe value was 25A so due to your 6p configuration, 25×6 is 150A. Since you are using a dual esc, you divide that by 2.

As for your second picture, this will be adjusted by your 50.4v since your battery is a 12s type series.

So the lowest discharge is 3.3v or 3.1 if you want more range. It can go lower, but these would be safety. So your cut off start should be around 3.4v or 3.5v (up to you).

Multiply 12 with these numbers and that will be your settings:

Cut off start: 3.4v×12= [40.8v]

Cut off end: 3.2×12= [38.4v]

These would be my settings if I own the battery myself. You can choose a different type.

Note: make sure this setting is also on the canbus side as well. You don’t want an accident.

Leon, thanks so much! I just didn’t have the knowledge to know how to do the math. I knew all the info I needed (less the real world testing battery mooch did) was out there in the specs. I appreciate the detailed explanation. You taught a man to fish today, LOL.

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