VESC BLDC problem

Hi guys, Just received my VESC from enertion and followed the instruction from to configure the vesc. But once i updated the firmware to 4.12 (vresion of the esc) I get this problem:

I would really appreciated if someone could guide me through this. Also i have to mention that as soon as I received the Vesc and plugged it to my sk3 6374 149kv, the motor would turn but as soon as I put some slight resistance to the motor (holding it ) it would stop turning. Really hope the Vesc isnt damaged. Thank you in advance for helping me.

You should download the according windows tool to the firmware. And did you do the motordetection before testing, what battery and remote you use is also good info

Edit: Firmwares: (although I would flash it to 2.18)

The bldc tool i have says it supports firmware 2.17 and 2.18. I did not do the motor detection before testing. And i am using a HK-GT2B from hobbyking as well as a 4 cell lipo. And can i flash the vesc with BLDC (using the usb connection) ?

Yeah, you should just downgrade the windows tool to the firmware ur using which is 4.12 at this moment. Also 4s is maybe a little low for such a powerful motor

How do i downgrade to v4.12? Any download links? Thanks

4s is plenty to configure your VESC to start. I frequently use 3s (old/tired traxxas lipo - like 1300mAh) to do first connection and configure. Or lab power supply at 12v. Something Vedder used to suggest (and may still - haven’t checked).

Once motor detection is done and it’s configured - i use my 8s or 10s just fine.

Yes thats what i thought as well.

but you said you were running the motor

the motor would turn but as soon as I put some slight resistance to the motor (holding it ) it would stop turning.

I use to have an older VESC and i could ride it with a 4cell battery with all my weight on the board. The motor should not stop so easily with just a slight pressure on it.

Ok just downloaded the older version of bldc tool (firmware 2.15) And i can get a detection. Everything works fine but when i press the trigger the motor spins from 0 to full power. How do I change that so its gradual?

usually that’s correct if you already did the controller configuration, you just need to apply some load to it (mount everything and ride your board for example) - make sure that you don’t have wrong values before testing (current limits too hugh, max current ramp step still low), accelerate and apply load gradually

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