VESC blinking pink and motor not spinning up upon throttle Please help!

So my build consists of a flipsky 4.12 VESC with a flipsky 6374 motor running on a 12s4p battery from DIY electric. I had everything working nicey nice and had the board riding perfectly today. But upon returning home, when i turn it on and throttle, the vesc has a pink light that comes on and the motor just does a twitching motion and does not spin at all or just stays still. I’m unsure what the issue is here if the board was literally working an hour prior to the second turn on. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Plug the vesc into your computer without powering it off first (any error codes are stored in volatile memory - if it loses power, they disappear) and type faults in the vesc tool terminal.

Alright i will try that. does the VESC tool from vescprojects have that fault feature

ayup. They all do, or should.

Now is there anyway it could be the voltage bounds are wrong on the vesc and arent matching up with what the battery is pushing through?

Possible I guess, but I suspect it’s something else. Did the faults command bring up anything? Maybe post a screenshot of your settings?

unfortunately the board isnt currently with me. Tomorrow i will post screenshots of what the VESC tool says. Thank you for your help so far. unnamed

looks a bit like burn marks over your DRV Chip. What does the fault command say?