Vesc Blowen capacitors Help!

HI, after riding a long time in rain my Vesc got a bit wet. At the beginning it was no problem but after cleaning up the board I got a ton of drv errors and the motor wasn´t spinning anymore.

I cleand the vesc and saw that the c8 cap was blowen. Or more the pcb under it.

Now the vesc runs again. I don´t get any foult codes. What are thes caps doing? becaus I think it is hard to replace the caps. There is no way I can solder to that anymore. If somebody had the same issue pleas let me know.

Looks like you have trace damage from the water, definitely replace the VESC since theyre only $50 and next apply a thin layer of conformal coating to the VESC so its impervious to water ingress.

I drove 30 km on the board today and had no problems. I suspect that the capacitors are used to buffer the mosfets. i think i will continue like this.