Vesc Bluetooth Module

Can i use any bluetooth module that is compatible with vesc and use the telemetry app (metr) or i must buy theirs,30 euro plus shipping is a lot for me,especially for bluetooth modules that cost 3$

Any module will work, hm10is recommended but hc05 will work to if going for cheaper option

for metr specific, I recall you have to buy his module, not 100% sure however.

I will try to buy hm10 and see if it works

Ordered it,on its way to me :smiley:

You need the module to use the app (same for perimetr). Every HM10 BT modules will work with other app (Ackmaniac or Emmaanuel).

Is there a ‘hack’ to use metr with cheap modules?

Ackmaniac has great app,why not use his

@rpasichnyk is doing an amazing job with his apps. I guess hundred of hours of coding. So, no, no hack, just buy it :wink:

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You can also use your cheap HM 10 module with this app, App is paid but only 99cent - I think.

Allows you to use telemetry and change vesc settings. Works now with new 3.0 firmware and Ackmaniac 3.1 !!!

Im on Android

Then @Ackmaniac has an app for you :slight_smile: check out his tread. only works with the metr modules as the modules Bluetooth Mac addresses are programmed into the software.

So you ca buy 1 and read the Mac adresse to copy it?

It is techincly possible but dont know if you can do it on the modules im not fimillar with it Also ita not nice to the developer

You can’t. It’s not mac address but UUID. UUIDs are defined by manufacturer and it’s a read-only parameter.

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If i could i wouldnt rip off a small developer from here,im not going to use the metr app but ackmaniac since the developer of metr protects the app in some way and its paid

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