can anybody confirm that bluetooth will not work If Im using the UART for 3-wire twist throttle ??

No pressure. just checking on the status of the app. I’m really excited for the new features. Hope your mid terms went well!

Yea, sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been pouring a lot of time into it, but I’m getting ready for another round of mid terms next week.

Keep updates:

You can now save rides and pull them back up, all in the same app. I’ve been working on getting push notifications working. I want to do push notifications for when your battery is fully charged,and when you hit 50% battery and 20% battery, so you know where your battery without even taking the phone out of your pocket (as you’ll hear the ding and hopefully, feel the vibration. It will be able to replace the need of a battery meter.

Other news, there’s now an electronic battery meter in the app, that gives you percentage left along with a bar.

Once push notifications are done, I need to tweak the main page to fit some more data I record but don’t display. Then, I’ll add a few things to the graph that are missing and add the acceleration timer, and call it v1 :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I could give a time line, but apple makes certain things (like push notifications) way more complicated then they should be in my opinion.


Well if ppl start earning money out of this (By including it in their end products). i think you will need to “welcome” some donations or contribution for your work!

Otherwise really great work! Will probably also use it one day… (waiting for the android version to progress and also a bit cheaper vesc prices in general, for now)…

So yeah - really great that this has been made and the possibility to add all of these functions / see stats is just awesome :wink:

Thanks for sharing it to the diy eboard community!

I want to keep the updates going, so here it is:

  • Graphs have been updated so there’s y lines and the y axis is not lost when scrolling.
  • The main page is getting a massive graphical overhual. The original one was designed for the iphone 6 specifically and had no real organization. The new one will have more organization and data, and should work any any ios device, from the iphone 4s to the jumbo size ipads.
  • Live time data is displayed without recording. But recording while save the data, graph the data, and calculate avg and max’s for every value. This is for two reasons. You might want to see where your battery is for example without having to hit record, and for other tools like the acceleration timer, I need certain data in my custom built data structure, even when it’s not recording. I think this is all around better,

More is to come. I really hope I can finish this off and submit this weekend, but I don’t want to rush it, as a lot of people take first impressions seriously, and I don’t want people to look at what it is now, and think it will be this way forever. Active updates will keep going, long after the first version. But I want a really solid feeling first version too. So soon enough. I have been thoroughly testing it in the real world, and seeing where certain things need to be changed to make it more practical (like not having to hit record to see where your battery is)


I’m waiting for the android app too. Had my module for awhile now. But I don’t have an Apple.

Sorry man. It might be some time before I can get the android version done. My main focus was and still is the Apple version. I can’t give a time frame for when I could finish the android version. That’s not to say I don’t want to work on it, but my focus will be on getting a feature rich Apple version first.

On a good note, the new home page formatting with more data is done for now. I will work on the style, but in terms of recording, saving, and pulling the new data back up, everything’s good. Since I killed the big speedometer on the home page to fit more data in, I will be making a separate speedometer in the tools section. I hope to knock out the speedometer and acceleration timer today, which would mean I just need to do the final touches and submit.


Don’t worry man, I’m on it! Working on an Android version now which can also control the speed and switch between a regular GT2B remote and the Android phone. Got a couple of PCBs coming soon. Maybe a feature in the long run would be database where people can share their ride data?

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Sounds good.

Today’s updates: acceleration timer is working!!! Still fine running it but the main structure is built and working. I’m still hoping possibly tomorrow, I can submit the first version. But I may take another week to make sure everything’s dinner tuned.

I like the idea about database! Some time ago we started this: We had the idea to be able to see and compare different boards and do it in a easy to look at manner. As of now we still lack a somewhat ‘polished’ view data view - page.

So yeah, if you somehow see a potential there, it might be worth a shot to be used as platform.

It’s been a little bit since an app update has been done, so here it is:

I’m adding the speedometer as we speak. I also found a new system that should allow me to do push notifications easier. I’m still working out the last bug. I have only 1 bug I’ve yet to debug. After that, it’s just final touches, and submit. I really hope it will be in the next few days.


After another day of programming in my spare time, the app IS READY!!!

I am uploading the youtube video which shows very quickly the features of the app in use, which is required for me to get the app into the app store, since they don’t have a vesc and bluetooth module laying around, haha.

Check back in a hour or less for the video. I will hopefully get the app into review tonight, which will mean it should be ready for download in a few days to a week, if it’s not rejected for some arbitrary reason.

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Here is some video of the new app, the “Vesc Status”, in action:

Features are still semi limited, but more features are to come. Current features include:

  • Keep settings for up to 4 boards
  • Switch between US and Metric systems
  • Push notifications for 20%, 50%, and 100% of battery status
  • Acceleration Timer
  • Speedometer
  • Live time display of 18 data points, including time, distance, speed, battery amps, motor amps, and more
  • Graphing with Battery Voltage, Battery Amps, Motor Amps, FET Temp, and Speed
  • Record vesc data into a “session” and pull up past “sessions” in the ride history tab
  • You can view current vesc data without recording a session
  • Battery meter with percentage

More features are to come, including video overlays! If anyone has ideas of features they would like, please, suggest it. I will add more data in the future also, including Ah used in a given session, and any other data you would like. I also will be researching and working on modifying vesc settings. I hope to eventually create modes, along with being able to modify basic vesc settings. So yea, a lot more to come!

If you don’t have a bluetooth module, now’s a good time to grab one from Rocket Boards!



You said you can keep settings for up to four boards. What settings exactly?

Wheel diameter and voltage (i.e 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s, or 12s).

The wheel diameter is used for calculating speed and distance.

The voltage is used to determine the battery percentage for the battery meter and for battery status (at 20%, 50% and 100%) push notifications.

Also, when you record a session and you go to the “Ride History” panel, you can will see there which board the data pertains to. To change your current board, simply switch the board in the settings with one click, so all of these features listed above in this message work correctly.

Sweet. Linear or curved battery percentage?


My formula is this:

4.2 per cell is full charge, 3.2 is empty.

voltageNow = your current voltage minBatteryVoltage = what your batteries voltage would be if it’s empty batteryVoltageRange = the max voltage of your battery pack minus the min voltage of your battery pack

so your current battery percentage = ((voltageNow - minBatteryVoltage)/batteryVoltageRange)*100

for example:

a 12s battery would be: voltageNow = lets say your at 45 volts minBatteryVoltage = for a 12s, this is 3.2 x 12, which is 38.4 batteryVoltageRange = since the max voltage is 50.4 and the min voltage is 38.4, 50.4 - 38.4 = a 12 volt range

((45 - 38.4)/12)*100 = 55%

It’s not perfect, since batteries don’t discharge linearly, but besides the first 2 volts and the last volt or 2 (which both drop off quickly), they discharge pretty linearly. I’ve done plenty of real world testing to confirm that this is mostly accurate, and definitely useful.

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Yeah I have the same formula pretty much haha. Yeah honestly it’s not a big deal. You know, I actually think that my new hardware platform could house all of the functionality you need for your app and controller. The cost of my hardware comes out to be cheaper than yours, but I do need a lot more labor to put it together. Maybe we could help each other out?

I’d be interested in hearing more details. send me PM with some more info. My time is some what limited right now, which is why I went with this chip. The bluetooth communication code was already done, so it was just data management and manipulation.

For everyone, the app has been submit and is awaiting review. Heres another screen shot for everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


@evoheyax thanks for all your work on this! :beers:

Do you have a donation link? This worth $ to me

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