Vesc brakes help

He i tested my eboard today and my breaks are kinda too strong and is not something linear. No matter how much i slide from the remote control it breaks so hard.

Any opinions for a smoother breaking ? I will post in a few h my settings but are the default from enertion.

Did you run motor detection?

Quite possibly your motor - amperage is too high. What’s your motor max/min ?

What remote do you have

post screenshots of you bldc tool if you can

Ok i just got home here are my settings. I have remote x nano from enertion.

Also i think i should increase the motor max to 60A since i was going full throttle and my board just stoped accelerating ? i guess my vesc cut off the power cause the motor was draining more than 40A ??

is only 40A … and im thinking to make it to 60A since my motor can drain max 60A … am i wrong ?

max input voltage should be 57 (default) don’t change it.

If your motor’s max is 60A then yeah, change Motor Max to 60A.

Have you calibrated your controller?

If not, go here:

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i changed nothing . this are all my default settings except the ones from motor detection

42v is not default, is your VESC old?

yes did that too and forward will go to max same for backward i added the values there

You need to turn your nano x remote on and push till full throttle and then push to full brake. Then turn board on and bind. You need to calibrate the remote everytime you autobind. Same thing happened to me lol.


i got it last year in december i think

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Ahhhh yes! I remember this issue. That really sucks about that controller…

i never heard about this… i will test it out tomorrow … hmm i had no idea you need to calibrate the remote…

That’s why I asked which remote you had. See full details here

But yea change your max input voltage to 57v


battery cutoff should be at 42V right ? i guess that’s why my board just stoped when i accelerated

You know what the Nano x failsafes to if it loses signal or powers off?

There is none, it just glides. I also haven’t had success in turning the remote back on to pair again unless you reboot the receiver as well

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