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Thanks for the info. I don’t know much about connectors, so all 6 pin JST-PH connectors should fit the 7 pin socket right, they are standardized ? This is the one I have

Just wanted to verify before i solder it.

@chaka : Ok I got it. For some reason I thought the nunchucky was a different brand of wireless nunchuck. But in your opinion is it realy hard to solder the dongle directly to the VESC? Do you solder the thin dongle wires that are already there ?

Correct that is right

You can, it is really personal preference. I like to use connectors first and once it is confirmed as working I then solder it in

Yeah I like that idea. Test with plugs and then solder.
I wouldn’t run a skateboard with plugs or adapters because it’s just one more point of failure added to the mix. None of this stuff is designed to withstand the amount of shock and vibration of skateboarding.

Hey @jacobbloy @chaka or anyone, can you tell me if the diagram from this guide is correct ?? Looking at the VESC pinouts i think it might be outdated now? VESC FAQ | Connect The Nyko Kama wireless wii NunChuck

Here are the VESC pinouts

the 3 bottom pins ( left most in the diagram ) are ADC2,RX,TX while the forum thread guide shows them as RX_SCL, TX_SDA, ADC_EXT

Is the guide outdated ?

Thanks for confirming. That is what it looks like to me as well. @jacobbloy’s comment confused me since he mentioned the 5v

so @jacobbloy must have made resoldered a new connector for 4.10 ? If he was reusing his old 6-pin theres no way that position in that photo would work right ?

*edit I just took a look at some of the older diagrams and the schematic on Vedders site and it does look like you are right, the pinouts are the same with the addition of the ADC2

crap i just noticed my Nyko Kama receiver doesn’t match the one from the guide either… have any of you guys seen this variant of the nyko kama receiver? *edit nevermind I found a diagram of the wii socket pins and was able to map this version of the nyko kama to the correct pins

I was simply demonstrating that the 6pin plug works if the wires don’t match you can do a pop and swap of the wires in the plug.

ah i see, that makes sense.

Do you have a source for that pinout ?

I actually have the little converter pcb thing in this post:

So that labelled the pins for me before I cut the wires to the head.

Heres a random diagram from google images that seems to be consistent with the convert pcb thing:

Keep in mind this view is looking at it from the front. When you look at it from the back ( the part will you will cut the wires ) the left and right will be opposite.

Wow. Thats a crazy large nyko kama reciever. I have not seen one like that before.

Well the pinout image is not the nyko kama, thats just the standard wiimote pinout i found on a site. I don’t know what device that is. Or are you referring to my actual photos with me holding the pcb ?

Anyway I just finished soldering it to the connector. I don’t have the vescs yet so can’t test it out, hopefully my soldering wasn’t too bad lol.

NICE!.. vesc art!.. looks cool.

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Can you post a dia gram with the 7 pin connecter as im sure being able to see it will cuase less confusion because its not much mention and i would hate to fry my vesc cuase of wrong wiring @jacobbloy if you understand can you please post pic im checking diagrams jus wanna be sure of rite connection who woula thought one pin could mean so much i have no ifea what a adc2 is scares the hell outta me lol

What are trying to connect to the vesc, nrf24 or nyko Kama.


Im using just the nunchuck… so vcc is 3.3v i need for power and the triangle is ground? and i dont use pins 7… 4… 1 correct?

I’ve tried figuring this out for myself but have been unsuccessful so far, how can one turn the regen/brake feature off?

I am communicating by PPM and i wish to have this behavior: Reverse, Coast, Foward.