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Can you post a dia gram with the 7 pin connecter as im sure being able to see it will cuase less confusion because its not much mention and i would hate to fry my vesc cuase of wrong wiring @jacobbloy if you understand can you please post pic im checking diagrams jus wanna be sure of rite connection who woula thought one pin could mean so much i have no ifea what a adc2 is scares the hell outta me lol

What are trying to connect to the vesc, nrf24 or nyko Kama.


Im using just the nunchuck… so vcc is 3.3v i need for power and the triangle is ground? and i dont use pins 7… 4… 1 correct?

I’ve tried figuring this out for myself but have been unsuccessful so far, how can one turn the regen/brake feature off?

I am communicating by PPM and i wish to have this behavior: Reverse, Coast, Foward.

just so every one knows FOC is know available for the VESC, with FW2.3.
Windows and OS X versions have been updated to 2.3 also.

Be sure to update your VESC before updating the BLDC-Tool. Seems to be having some issues the other way around.

looks like vedder just released 2.4 to fix FOC bugs

A little update for everyone. We have Vedder’s spark switch set for production and will be offering it as a pre-wired package in combination with the VESC. It will come with a high quality sealed push button switch and auxiliary xt-60 charge port. As always the actual configuration is completely customizable by request.


When can I buy this?

I will have the first batch completed in a week, waiting on the pcb’s. If you already have an order for a vesc I can send an invoice for the upgrade.

@jacobbloy, thanks again for your continuously updating.

It seems, that the mc_config_& is currently missing 2.4, also the OSX_BLDC_Tool_FW 2.3 FOC contains actually the BLDC-Tool V2.4…

I basically scraped 2.3 as Vedder did some big bug fixes that he recommends every one to use, also you can get the fw file from git hub if your desperate I just haven’t had time to get every thing sorted.

No problem and I’m not desperate since I’m using Ubuntu and github anyway.

I was just asked by others not present here due to language constraints who are using the google drive solutions. But that’s ok.

The moment i get my servers back im just gonna setup a build cluster. I can even get access to some certs to sign the code so windows dont freak out about the app ever

just looking at that photo @chaka, I quite like the look and slim form of the VESC without any headers on it.
got me thinking half the headers on there are not gonna get used, I might as well take them off.

like what are they all for anyway?
the one on the baseline is for hall sensors right? well I’m never gonna use that.
then there is the can bus, well i might link 2 together… but only need 2 of the pins so I could just solder 2 wires.
when my new Kama’s arrive i’ll use the 7 pin header to connect the dongle, but again only 4 of the 7 pins used…
If im using the kama then theres no need for the PWM pins…
whats the other one for? flashing? I can do that with the USB. so probably don’t need that one either.

now that I think about it i’d rather have no headers and just solder to the pads that I do need.

You are correct! If you have a hot air station you can pull them off fairly easily I also stock right angle jst connectors to port them out the sides. keeps the whole assembly about as thick as the fets.


Original estimated shipping date of 17th FEB is now invalid, everyone gets VESC much sooner, shipping starts tomorrow!

It’s great to be ahead of schedule! We have plenty of stock for sale & immediate shipping! But It won’t last!

Some notes about this batch.

  • Comes with 5.5mm Connectors, Great for R-SPEC motors.
  • Wires have Silicone Insulation Rated for 200c
  • Firmware Pre-Loaded
  • R-SPEC motor parameters pre-configured.
  • Motor spin testing on all VESC before shipping.
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I wanted to announce how we are handling the latest hardware update to version 4.12. Vedder recently added another capacitor above C18 to address a fault occurring in FOC mode, in effect doubling the capacitance at C18

Every VESC leaving our shop now comes with a C18 modification on v4.11 hardware. We opted to use a higher rated capacitor instead of stacking two 2.2uf caps. I was worried the stacked caps could end up tearing the pads on the pcb due to the added leverage and the small footprint. We also have version 4.12 PCB’s in fab so those will be available soon but are essentially the same as 4.11 with a higher rated cap at C18.

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