VESC - Buy Ultimate Motor Controller - In Stock & Lowest Price

darn, that means I missed the cutoff :sob:

next one won’t be for a month or two I’m assuming…

@onloop Did mine make it before the cut off?

@chaka sells vescs if you missed the cutoff I believe they are still in stock

if your order number is greater than 1133 you likely missed out on this vesc batch. don’t worry the next batch will follow very quickly as we have ironed out lots of issues with this current batch.

What kind of issues are you having with this batch?

Edit: Never mind, I misread that.

getting them made quickly!

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halting production half way, re-making different PCB, making new stencil for PCB, fucking around doing stupid shit…

blah blah blah… FUCK

the fun of manufacturing…



One month overdue! :sob: sorry for all the people who have been patiently (& the impatient ones too) waiting

it will take a few more days before they get shipped out to you.

  1. So they are going to ship today from factory to me, that can take 3-5 days (not including weekends)
  2. I need 1-2 days to testing & firmware loading
  3. 1-2 days for packing orders
  4. 2-5 days shipping to your address. Best case 7 days Worst case maybe 14 days. I suspect it will be around 10 days. this is assuming no other major hold up with customs or act of god.

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lol, when will the next batch start shipping?

yes, I’m that guy…

each batch should take about one month each. so in theory late november

i am hoping quicker now that the issues have been ironed out…

also… much-much-much quicker if i didn’t have to spend time answering emails asking when stuff would be ready :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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Congrats thats good to hear the VESC issues have been solved

I placed my order this week, its order #1315, am I in this batch?

Technically this is not the same as asking “when stuff would be ready :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:”.

Thanks Al…

According to @onloop, order #1133 was the cutoff for this batch.

just saw that, thanks

oh darn, waiting patiently…


I really just need to order a few of these and be done with it. I’ve been waiting for revisions to slow down and the batch process to iron out a little more so that the wait times weren’t as bad, but i think i’m just going to bite it next month and get a small batch. I think things are about as ironed out as they’re going to get for a while.

I’m taking drastic steps to ensure that demand no longer outstrips supply…

I would really like a board to ride too… if it makes you all feel better I also have not had a vesc now for several months as I have had to keep selling the personal ones that I set aside.

The biggest problem is people hitting the site ordering in lots of 10, 12 etc. I had like 4 or 5 orders like this happen in a few days of each other… it totally wiped out the stock. It takes one month to get a batch made… so when you sell a months worth in a few days and it takes a month to get more you are now 2 months behind… so i need to order like 3 or 4 months worth… thats a hell of an upfront investment

So I am waiting also… patiently

I made my oshpark V4.10 VESC file public today for anyone wanting to build one of their own. It can be a fun little project assembling these little gems.



So with the board capacitors and wires, what is the full dimensions? With the regular jst plugs and wires not right angle ones. I would like to start building my enclosure this week. Would you guys suggest a seperate enclosure for space cell and another for the dual vesc? Or just one enclosure? I would like to run my motor wires in parallel to the vesc not in a big wad.

The whole assembly with capacitor board measures 110mm long with a 5mm gap between the two and 40 mm wide.

For the enclosure my only advise is to be sure you can access the usb ports of the VESC’s easily and allow for some passive ventilation, it doesn’t take much.

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