VESC C40 Sparking?

Hi, Ive got a Maytech 4.12 VESC where the C40 Cap sparks. The error ocurs every 2nd time I turn on my board. Any Idea why this might happen? There are no signs of damage on the VESC.

Does anyone had this problem?

Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:

C40 is sparking? Is C9 also sparking?

What is the voltage on the input? Does it spark when the batteries are half empty?

C40 can only do 10S, not 12S. I don’t recommend running the VESC at 12S anyway

On 10s-Liion (40V) and 6s Power supply. just the C40

Not on an actual battery? Just on a power supply?

What does the voltage measure on the input wires?

Give me 5min, I´ll check right now

Both on the 6s Charger/Power supply and input wires 25.2 V.

It´s strange… now I did not spark, even after turning it multiple times on and off.

edit: on the battery it also happens sporadically

Oh man, these are the best problems to troubleshoot :smiley:

The ones you can’t induce the problem on purpose, but rather seem completely random, because we don’t know the reason yet for it.

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“Intermittent faults without clear causal vector”

C9 never sparked?

no… I just checked again, now it somehow died completely. For now I think we can close this thread till I figure what got damaged.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Did you put a conformal coating on it? If so, can you post a picture of the bottle?

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It‘s Corrosion-X