VESC Canada Purchase


I am looking to purchase a VESC in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, OR Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Having some issues finding suppliers here. Any suggestions? Otherwise I will be purchasing through Flipsky:®-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

Thanks in advance!

@JohnnyMeduse ?


Thanks for the head up, but I don’t have any up for sales.

Maybe you know of someone?

Haha thanks guys I already asked him!

Flipsky is your best bet. They are actually very reliable now

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Here I was ignoring anything Flipsky because all I’ve heard is that they’re garbage… When did this change? How did they improve? :thinking:

It has been improving since day 1. Simple things have been changed to make them more reliable. There are plenty of threads about it

Just read the thread about the cutout issues being caused by bad/incorrect resistors and how they fixed the issue in their production line, which is great. Funny how I still see people not recommending buying anything Flipsky… Probably due to one poor experience early on in their production. Safe to say they’re back on my radar now though!

torqueboards or aliexpress!

Check with Diego on E-Skate Toronto’s Facebook group. IF he doesn’t have any at least he can tell you about the latest versions he’s been testing for his production boards.

New builder based on Kitchener, also looking for good options to purchase motor controllers and batteries. I’m likely just going to order from Flipsky.