Vesc Capacitor Replacement

Hey was just woundering if i could replace my TB caps with one big cap eaualivent to the 3 small capacitor?

I’m trying to save space for a mini build and I know that the original vesc design used one big cap. If I can links, anyone😅


@torqueboards @b264

You can peruse digikey and find one that’s at least 63V and approximately 2mF

The three 680μF are 2.04mF in parallel like that.


Was gonna tag you but i was scared… Also is these a certin kind of cap to look for? any name brands?


i think your going to have a hard time finding a capacitor rated for 2.04mF and 63V. Also @b264 what’s the tolerance on these 10%?

I was thinking maybe going for more uf as there more common

Will this work?:

Typically, yes. 5% or 10%

Some are like -5% +25%


6800μF / 6.8mF 63V will work fine if you use a loopkey. If you use an antispark switch without a separate precharge resistor, you will roast your antispark.

You might want to put an additional 10μF 63V in parallel with that 6.8mF capacitor.

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hehe already roasted 2 antisparks and dont know why.

these maybe or can you recommend one?

That one would work if it’s not fake. For $1.29, it’s probably fake.

Just use digikey or mouser

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If you follow my link, you will learn why

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Easy enough. its 20% and 2200uf dont know what the 20% means though

and you mentioned something about a mcu, thats what multiple vendors told me too, without one all antisparks will have the same fate.

Sure. You might want to put an additional 10μF 63V in parallel with that.

That’s a question for the other thread

why? also whats a safe company for caps, Nichicon, rubycon? also i should get a cap that last a long time in terms of hours?

Capacitors are pretty low-tech, not sure any is better than the other. I’m sure the more you spend, you will probably get better stuff.

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the 20% means the Farad rating can be of by +or- 20%


hehe lol i feel stupid now. why 10μF 63V in parallel with that though?

The frequency response of capacitors is highly dependant on the capacitance and the 10μF will smooth out high-frequency ripples that the larger one may be quick enough to smooth over. Increasing from 680μF to 6.8mF means you’ve lost some of the high-speed response, so that gets it back.

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im not going with the 6.8mf cap anymore im going with a 63v 2.2mf cap which sould be the same rating as vedder used

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The 10μF won’t hurt even so you are decreasing the response slightly with one big versus 3 smaller ones. But not as much as if you went to a single 6.8mF

i cant fit it in my small build lol. im tight for space and ive settled on rubycon