VESC cheap hub motor configuration

Hello there, I need help, how can I set the motor current max for the below configuration for the hub motor. I tried to climb a 7-degree hill, but not effective. I had to push myself away and the engine was hot.

VESC tool automatically set up: Motor Current Max 22A

My configuration:

By the way, what’s the best single hub motor? available in stores in europe .

Ps. Sorry for my bad english.


Bro, no offence, a 12$ hub motor that doesn’t perform, where would the issue be ? As far as hubs go, backfire seems to have good price/performance

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Thank you for your response, Although it’s good anyway, on a flat it can do 24 km / h and probably more, but I’m still a bit afraid.

@Skitzor You think it’s better to go in a single hub motor or single 5065 or another. Would like to spend no more than $ 55 more on motor.

if it needs to be single, a 5065 with a belt with gear redution will perform better on hills. These cheap hub motors will always struggle, overheat and fail. If you want to be totally happy with overall performance, you’ll want 2 motors and brakes in the back.