VESC configuration for Flipsky Mini ESC 4.20, Ownboard Samsung 30Q (10S 6.0Ah), and Flipsky 6355 motors

$100 shipping? WTF!!! I’m guessing your express shipping it? If it’s going back would you think about asking for the dual as a replacement? It seems it would be easier to manage for programming.,maybe not I don’t about doing two separate ones. Sorry your having bad luck.

I might try to ask for the dual, it’s sleepy time over there in China so no response yet. Does the dual also require a canbus connector, or is it integrated? Thanks for the help


I talked with them about that problem for a couple of days. I did send them videos of me setting everything up. But, even with their ideas I couldn´t get them to work in dual. I shipped both back. I paid 20 Euros from Germany to China tracked. They refunded the money even before the item arrived, so that I could buy the 6.6 dual during the flash sale.

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Did they refund the shipping cost as well?

Yeah up to 20$