Vesc configuring

i have a 8s2p 2600ma 5C li ion battery pack.i want to configure my vesk. what i fill in the Max amper and min amper blanket?

Start with 40 and -30 for battery amps and go from there 60, -50 for the motor amps.

Am I calculating wrong, or his battery can only output 26a max?


is 40 amp true for battery amx?wouldnot it damage the battery pack?

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Yes it will, set it to 20a, -5 max for battery and about 45-60a, -50 for the motor. Start with that and see how it goes, I wouldn’t increase battery max though as it will be too much for the battery

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thanks bro . i will set the max at 20amp . how about -10 for the min amp?

and the batteries are LGABB41

In a 8s2p configuration it will be 5200mah according to the spec sheet, but only rated for 2c. Meaning your batt max would actually be more like 10a.

Based on those values I would suggest a different battery, it might work if you limit the cells to 10a with the vesc but it won’t last very long or have very much range. Your best bet is to either buy some lipos from hobbyking while they have a cyber Monday sale on or purchase a prebuilt 18650 battery from a builder here or from a prebuilt company like wowgo for example.

as you said max amp 20 and and min-5. i want to set this. is it ok from your view?

I don’t think it can handle 20a, I would start with 10a and see how much it sags and how hot it becomes

my battery builder told me to set it on 18. i dont know what would happen. but didnot tell about min amper. bro,is -5 good?

Yeah -5 is good

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god bless my battery. i set it at 18 and -5 to see the result. thanks bro

hi.sorry again. i plugged in every thing and clicked on the connect part on BLDCtools program but it says Not connected. what sould i do bro?

Make sure you are using right cable which is able to transfer data over USB. Try plugging an android device to check the transmission of the cable

Yep, some cables don’t have data cables and can only charger

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the cable is its fabic from Maytech company.1544434311533-87151941

it says windows does not recognize it? my windos is 7. sould i change my windos?


Pretty normal. You had it connected earlier? Unplug and plug it back in, try a different USB port, press reconnect on VESC tool make sure vesc is powered up. Wiggle connections. Use auto connect Repeat