Vesc Confusion! In a crunch

So the vesc 4.12 can take 50amps continuous. The battery max should be lower than this like at 50 amps. But the motor max doesn’t have to follow under 50 amps right? It’s the max of the motor amps?

If this is the case, then I have another one (hold on please) I have a 6s and a 2000 watt motor. (2000/25 = 88) 88 amps, but the motor can only take 80 amps? So which one do I set the settings to?

If you want to be safe don’t set your limits above their rated currents. So 80A motor max (at the highest), though I’d start with 60A and see how you feel. 50A battery max assuming your battery can output it.

@jinra what does the motor max control exactly? Like speed?

In current control mode (most usable and popular mode) it controls how much current your suppplying the motor based on your throttle. 0 throttle = 0 amps, 100% throttle = 100% if the amps you specified.

Oh, so at %100 it’s 80 amps but what does that do to the volts? It will be a little less than the Mac right?

voltage is regulated by duty cycle

Oh thanks. 10 characters

@jinra also, so if I change my battery to 9s, to make sure my drv chip not to blow here are some calculations… (8571/[9*4.2]= 226) so I should be good with 220kv motor and to blow the chip it’s 38.9 volts. So should I be good not to blow the chip with that 1 v difference in blowing and not blowing itm

you’ll be fine, there are a bunch of other factors that will prevent you from hitting 60k erpm. I run 10s with 230kv motors just fine.

Wow thanks