VESC Connect BETA PROGRAM [Abandoned - Incomplete]

VESC Connect BETA Program

Get exclusive pre release of the VESC Connect app and remote solution!

Only 20 memberships available! Just $99



  • VESC Connect remote
  • VESC Connect receiver
  • Preview excess to VESC Connect APP
  • Life time APP Updates


  • Program the VESC form APPIMG_7737
  • Control Motors
  • Ramping
  • Cruise control
  • Bind to the same receiver
  • One step install

Why Sign up for the BETA program?

Get exclusive Preview access to the VESC connect APP, Join the privet discussion on features to add to the app, have a say!

contribute your skill and talent to make this a better app for all!

Lastly all will receive the VESC Connect remote and receiver more future rich then any remote on the market and you will get all of this for less then the Enertion Wireless Remote!


I admire what you’ve done so far, this is a big contribution to the community. But how does this fit into the open-source philosophy surrounding the vesc ? Will you keep source code private or will you publish on Github ?


Every thing has been implemented in to vedders original bldc tool souce code, the bldc tool had know undergone a restructure so to implement widget and qml side by side.

This means that when implementing things like BLE, online firmware update and when I finish video logger implementation it all has also been added to the original widget UI, this means that my work is not just been helping my self but Benjamin as he is busy and doesn’t have time to implement these great features.

This will be merged to vedders original bldc-tool git project once it is stable. But I’m doing this beta program to get help and support and with an extra $1000 under my belt I can sign up for the apple developer account to distrabute beta apps, also I can pay a freelancer to do a little bit of code porting!

If I remove any thing from the souce it will be my own qml UI but I don’t think I will need to do this!

The App in the Beta program is available for iOS and Android? I would lie if I say I’m not interested…

Yes both! And being involved will help tremendously

You got me. I’m going to order!

Thanks for your support mate! 18 to go!

I’m not far into the whole remote receiver technology but how save will the connection be? Have you already tested this config in the “real world” without any dropouts? Just curious if my trigger finger was to quick :joy:

iv been doing a lot of testing and have found it it more secure then cheap nrf24lo1 chips to be

More secure… No dropouts at all would sound better mate XD

i haven’t had any yet! but its a beta so as a group we can fine tune this! and get more results as RF signals can be interrupted in different location and just because i want had any drop outs doesn’t mean others won’t

Vouched, you touched a lazy nerve, like that I don’t need to build it myself :wink:

well lazy or not it will help!

I am not a pro like some on this forum, but i drive some miles on my raptor. And i always liked the nunchuck. So i would like to order this. But i need to know at first what i need to do and need to have to connect the remote controller to the vesc.

Long time lurker from Germany here, just bought the package to support and thank @jacobbloy for his awesome work! I’m in the process of building my first board and the last part missing is the vesc which will (hopefully) arrive mid may. Build thread is going to follow when I’m done :wink:

Great work!

I’ll signup tomorrow if there’s still space

It’s fine mate every thing is included in the package and I will be happy to help!

Thanks mate! I think you might mate it!

Thanks for your efforts, Jacob. I’m supporting it as well since we need a reliable Nunchuk solution. Do you have a timeline on the project yet?

Hey mate, every one will at least get there receivers and access to app 1 week after I have enough supporters.

I think that will be at 10, we only have 5 more to get to the 10 so keep sharing the post and the link!