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VESC Connect BETA PROGRAM [Abandoned - Incomplete]

Nothing here yet

No. Not from him.
I compiled it by myself. But I must say it is not working good. Cant write changed settings to the VESC and some readings are also not correct. Jacob have not said a word to that, after I stated that. I think he don’t want someone for beta testing.

I don’t think Iv ever had this feed back from you? And where are you compiling the build from? As I havnt posted any thing on line for a long time.

Also even for iOS there is an approval process to get it sent out to beta testers.

Are we waiting for that approval?

Then you should look here again: my post on a different thread

I think it is obvious that the guy called Gawhary is working for you: his github Don’t think we are all stupid. :grin:

Sure I too am curious about the staus of the Beta, but I’m not sure where hexakopter is coming from.
Jacob I just want say I appreciate what you do and am grateful for your software releases and immense contributions to this community
Most of which your make available for free

Thank you!

Isnt it a bit stupid assuming he committed his newest development to this github?

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I also like Jacobs work and say thanks to him. I also appreciate his work.
But you must know our short private messages. He says he will add me to the beta program two month ago. Nothing happened. Can understand that, because he is maybe busy. But after I compiled it myself and want to contribute I get no response. That is quite disappointing for me, because I put also some work in it. And don’t telling us that write settings is not working (the most important thing of this app) looks like hiding it for us. (Maybe just my point of view)

@flatsp0t I think it is not stupid to thing that. Aber vielleicht weißt du es ja besser und ich interpretiere nur zu viel. :sunglasses: Strange thing that the FOC bug (available in Jacobs WIN/MAC bldc-tool from his website) was also available in Gawharys github project to the same time. And fixed a few days after we noticed it. Everybody feel free to combine that for themselves. Frohes schaffen.

I know that, but being a software developer by myself, i would have at least a development and a test branch or repo with just access for me before i push code to a public repo.

yes mate i work with a freelancer his name is Mohammad Gawhary i don’t think iv ever kept this a secret i did a big campaign on my website a few months ago acting for donations so i could pay the guy as i have only been coding for lets say 1.5 years and before this app it was all very basic. but this means that its not just my time that has gone into this it is my own money we are looking at about 3K, it is the reason for the beta program to raise money to finish the app. i didn’t let you in on the beta program yet because you said you use iOS and as others have said they have not received there iOS app yet.
You where not on my email list because i only emailed ppl that had purchased my beta program, which you didn’t you just harassed me until i said yes to letting you test it.

also writing data works fine with no firmware modification i would look at your BLE module to see if it is fake or has the wrong settings like the Baud rate.

The windows and OS X code is combined with the app code as it will be soon combined with benjamins git project, so that any change benjamin makes will be added into the project. if you look into this the code format for BLDC TOOL for desktop has been completely reworked we had to remove the logic that was imbedded into the widget ui to then have 2 different UI classes.

If you support me stop talking bad about me!

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Sorry for harassing you. I was more thinking I can help with testing that this shit like the FOC bug didn’t happen. Good luck with your BETA testers.

@flatsp0t You would have that. But looks like others don’t. :slight_smile: Think I combined it correct then.

Well, i dont know as there are people paying for it, it would be sort of useless.

I did pay for the Beta program but am having second thoughts now. I do not wan’t to install software on my personal device that I cannot either view the source code myself or know that apple has reviewed it. How do we have any guarantee that there is not malicious code being placed in your builds since I assume you do not have the knowledge to do a low level analysis based on your 1.5 years experience. I might just purchase another device for this purpose, but none of this has been discussed openly.

How will you address this @jacobbloy?

@stealth71 A few hours ago you where able to see the code. When the time comes and jacob is putting the app to the appstore you can be sure that apple have reviewed it. So don’t worry about that. But that doesn’t mean it is 100% save in my point of view.

@jacobbloy Sad to see that you shut down the only possibility for beta testers to test. Gawharys source is not longer available. So maybe its was not a secret, but unintended.
But as @flatsp0t says it is the more common way.

My code is still online, but I have moved it. The reason for this is it I was not ready for others to install it onto there devices. As there where bugs that could damage your vesc and I did not want this to happen to ppl. But it seems that ppl where building it and would still blame me for this. I will send every one clean builds as we make changes and have removed bugs that could cause problems. me as the developer will know what commits are stable to build.

If you build it your self then i have no way of informing you of this information.

I would love help guys and if you have the skill level to do so then please contact me tell me your skills and I then will add you to my git project. I have been asking for help from before this forum existed.

Stop attracting me as I’m doing this as a service to the community, if you do not like the way I’m doing it then suggest a better way or go start your own app.


Hi, this is a 2 week follow up after 9 weeks from funding finished. I have yet to receive a bluetooth receiver or remote, where is this project currently headed?

Hello @jacobbloy. Is this project dead?

I sent you my money back in April and haven’t received anything yet. No receiver, no remote, no app, no email, no link, no update, no answer to my question above, no nothing …

Are you going to send out anything? When?

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Got an e-mail with a link to the app two weeks ago
Maybe send jacob a private message :slight_smile:
Still waiting for the receiver and remote though

At this point, it just feels like a $2000-$2500 USD scam