VESC Connect BETA PROGRAM [Abandoned - Incomplete]

Is there a nunchuk included?

Yes, and please guys, support Jacob! :wink: [quote=“jacobbloy, post:1, topic:2427”] Included:

VESC Connect remote VESC Connect receiver Preview excess to VESC Connect APP Life time APP Updates [/quote]

yes there is please have a look at the link

Ok thanks, i ordered :wink:

Orderd Done and done! Glad to help support the cause

hey guys only 11 left gotta be quick!

Hey Jacob… You may already know, but you don’t need $1000 to distribute beta apps. A developer account is $99 USD per year, and would permit you to do ad hoc distribution to up to 100 users (well, devices actually). You just need the unique device ID for each beta tester…

Yes I know this, it is actually a little more expensive in Australia, but this fundraising insnt just for the license its for buying parts for testing and paying a freelancer to help implement some cool features.

Hi guys do it’s been 3 days since opening up the VESC connect beta program!

We have already sold half of the available positions in the program!

Times running out and the more positions we fill the more we can do it improve to app and remote system! Come on guys if you havnt ordered order! If you have then go share it all over and incurage others to participate!

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hope you sell the last 10 too :wink:

When you are planning to send them?

I’m hoping in a little over a week!


Heya Jacob… not trying to be annoying, but you still looking to ship the hardware soon? I ask because I took a tumble and destroyed my Badwolf/GT2B (well, the bike that ran over it actually did the destroying!)… If it’ll be a while, I ought to order another FlySky… Likely will be useless later, so you see my curiosity.


It is never a Bad idea to have a spare Controller. In case your Main Controller is broken :wink:

Yeah, and it’s not like it will break the bank or anything… Good point.

Hi Jacob

No pressure, just checking on the status of this Cheers!

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[quote=“jacobbloy, post:20, topic:2427, full:true”] Hey mate, every one will at least get there receivers and access to app 1 week after I have enough supporters[/quote]

I’m not in a hurry either, but it would be nice to get an update about the progress.

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Yes it’s been a while. I’m not in a hurry as well, but some infos would be great. Has Jacob managed to sell all of them?

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Yeah, I emailed Jacob a few days ago about an update. Haven’t heard anything. Will let you all know if I do.

Sorry guys, Iv been a little busy but I’m ready to send out receivers and the app, but I’m still assembling the remotes. What do you guys want me to do?

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I dont think any of us are in a hurry, just an update every week or so saying- Hey been busy give me another week - or something like that. no biggie.