VESC Connect BETA PROGRAM [Abandoned - Incomplete]

@jacobbloy no reason to apologize

Couldn’t have said it better

Inline with eveyrone else who signed up. Can’t wait for this stuff, but just keep us posted on the progress and we will stop sending email and wasting your time. Great Work!!!

I’m across the pond so I’m fine to wait till everything is ready for shipping purposes.

Any chance these will be sent out soon?

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Hey guys on Monday I will be shipping out the beta receivers I have been waiting on the remote pcbs for to long and it id not fair to not provide you with what you have paid for. The receivers can be used with the app that I will be emailing every one providing a link to the android download and instinctions for the apple installation.

The remotes I’ll be here next week but then need to be assembled.


Very nice… Thanks Jacob… Just curious, i thought the controller was an ordinary nyko kama? I have a working nyko Kama… Will it work with the beta receiver?


No sorry mate it’s a full custom board.

Okay, got it. Tell you what then, appreciate the offer to make separate shipments. But I’d prefer to get everything at once. I mean, it would be cool to tinker around with the app and such. But I’m not keen on switching stuff in and out to actually ride.

Besides, it will save you the cost of shipping twice…

I will email you directly so you know who this is…


The same for me, check your pm @jacobbloy

Is there a way to get the App for personal testing?

@jacobbloy any updates on the progress? Are you splitting up all the shipments? I can wait a couple more weeks if needed to ship everything together to save on shipping, but on the other hand can’t wait to ditch the Nyco Kama.

Jacob, Correct me if I’m wrong but the Bluetooth connects to the same port as the Kama on the Vesc. So I couldn’t really use the blutooth module with out the new remote. So I say wait till everything is ready and save on the time and shipping

@bender I think you could already use it with the app that comes with it but I’m on your side. I wouldn’t really use it without the remote so shipping everything at once would be a good idea to save jacob shipping costs that could go in more awesome developments :slight_smile:

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I agree on this, everybody benefits^^

Weekly status update?

My apologies if this question is answered somewhere else but I am unable to find it. Is there a connection diagram of the Bluetooth module to the vesc somewhere?

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i think there are no technical infos available, just ask jacob directly for it

I know the Bluetooth would work with the app and computer but I would have no way to control the board unless I unplugged the the Bluetooth and pluged in the Kama reciever back in and I don’t want to keep switching back and forth, I think you get what I mean

Yeah got it :smiley: But i actually thought you could control the board with the slider on the real time data page See this post:

Even if you would not have a computer connected but i could be wrong. Personally I think i wouldn’t use the slider while driving (too scarred to drop my phone :smile: )

Edit: I don’t know why I can’t reply directly using the “Reply” button so here is your name again: @Bender

@jacobbloy Any updates? We just asked to stay informed, but I am not seeing much information.

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You will all be getting a privet email update!