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Vesc connection types

There have been many VESC iterations since it first was released. However, I can not find a topic which says which types of connections the latest VESC has. Does it come with bullet connectors, also which diameter? I believe the power connectors are XT60, but would also like a conformation. Also, does the VESC come with a servo cable or do you have to provide that for yourself? Which USB type is being used (probably micro?). Consider this post as a summary for the VESC connections

I am talking about the VESC fom Enertion. Adding info for other VESC is also welcome.

Thanks in advance

XT60 battery side, wires but no connectors motor side.
Mini usb.

if you get it from ollin you can tell the man what type of connectors you want to have i got 4mm on the motor and 5.5 on the batteries that way i dont have to solder since my motorcame with 4mm and batteries with 5.5

And does it have the servo wire?

yes, I ordered two VESC’s from Ollin and each one came with a servo wire to connect to the remote. Wish I would’ve known that before buying some online though.

its funny yersterday i received a GT2B controller and i was missing the servo so i contacted chaka and he confirmed it so yes it does come with the servo wire