VESC Connectors - Battery

A lot of people use different things. Which one do you have/like to use with your VESC? (connectors going to your battery , not motor)

  • 4mm bullets
  • 5.5mm bullets
  • XT-60’s
  • XT-90’s

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Hi so I am building my first electric skateboard and I have a few questions. First so I have the battery ( and I want to know how I connect it to the VESC and then to the motor. I think I need a VESC male to male connector for the 2.4 ghz remote but do I need connectors from the battery to the VESC and then the VESC to the motor? Thanks for your help!

This has been covered multiple times. Please use the search function before posting questions. Also, make a new thread for questions instead of posting under someone else’s post. Welcome to the forums!