VESC cooling warning

@chaka @ThierryGTLTS hey guys come on, I think that everyone’s had different experiences with VESC’s and why they fail and everyone has a different opinion. I don’t think anyone wants any hard feelings on here alright.

Anyways originally my VESC was un shrink-wrapped just sitting inside my enclosure and I was thermal throttling a lot with my Carvon V2 hub. Eventually I added heatsinks to both top and bottom side MOSFET’s and added a small fan and I didn’t have any problems after that. Now with my dual Maytech hubs with both my VESC’s heatsinked and the fan blowing across both of them my temps don’t even go above 40c.

What fan do you use and do you use from the 5v on vesc? Where is the 5v at on vesc and could a person possibly use a fan along with a step up converter in parallel for light to see at night. Can you help me get a fan and aluminum cooler on mine? I’m a noob to installing them

is this 5v at bottom?

Here are my mosfets

No I use a 12V fan as well as 12V LEDs and anything that needs 5V I buck down from the 12V main converter because it can take the high 50V input voltage of my 12S battery. For the heatsinks I just use some small ones I found in eBay, I’ll get you the measurements in a little while if you’d like.

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I have these guys rated at like .02amps

Yeah that should work, seems a bit low of a current draw only 20ma so it’s not going to blow alot of air, but it will work as long as it’s 12V and your bucking it down.

EDIT: Just saw it’s 5V so yeah you could connect it to the 5V on the VESC because of how low current draw is.

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Awesome thank you! I tested it out and after a minute they fire up! I’m going to add my heat sinks on both sides then add fans on both sides then shrink wrap it! Going to seal onewhere( motor wires ) then have both sides cut out to where the air flow sucks in through fans and out the battery lead side!

Two years later: I have problems with my single 6374 build heating up(temp cut), so I found some fins and put them on. Will test.

DUDE esk8 news when you get out from underneath the rock

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