VESC Data Log Analyzer (VDLA)

Hey there, today i want to share my new tool with the community. But before we get started lets make a little Introduction:

Currently there are three different apps for monitoring live data from the VESC:

  1. paid version for ios and android by @rpasichnyk
  2. vesc vision free and open source version only for ios by @evoheyax
  3. vesc monitor free version only for android by @Ackmaniac

Why did i developed this website? Because i have an android phone and did not want to pay another bluetooth module (i already have one) i decided to settle with vesc monitor. The only problem was a missing analyzing feature. Therefore i just made my own tool for analyzing the log data of the vesc monitor app

What are the features of this analyzing tool? You can analyze your run much better and in greater detail!

If you want a more detailed view just zoom in the graph
If you cannot read the values for a specific time or do not know here you were at the given time just click in the graph on the desired position the green line shows only the zoomed area of the chart! It works vice versa too! You can click on any part of the red line and you will see the position in the chart. If you have zoomed in the chart you can only click on the green line because it represents the zoomed time in the chart. However you can use the scrollbar at the bottom to shift the time frame. You can also reset the zoom by clicking on the button in the right: ‘reset zoom’

you can export the shown graph (if zoomed you will export only the zoomed area!) as svg/png/jpg

you can enable or disable any graph you want for better analysis

just click on the legend item you want to enable or disable

you can evaluate errors and analyze why they might have happened

you can see what the setup of the board for this specific run was like

you will get a comprehensive list of 40 different statistics

You can swap the view between metric and imperial and even choose to have movable or fixed map (if it is movable the map moves when you go over the chart or zoom)

Now you gonna ask yourself what i will charge for this tool? Nothing, it is for free! You can visit this tool from any browser! Just go to the webpage and upload a data log from your ride! The tool will automatically analyze the run and show you the result. Currently i can only support the logfiles of vesc monitor. I would love to support vesc vision but for that i would need a data log of his app. If someone feels free and can share a log i will integrate his format too!

I put a lot of sleepless night with much coffee into this app and will provide it for free. So if you like feel free to place a little donation otherwise just use this new tool to improve the performance of your board :wink:

if you want to see the tool live but do not have a log file yet just download this example logdata,

VESC Data Log Analyzer example log data


cheers Daniel


Thx a bunch! Been waiting for this.

You can even use it from the smartphone but Computer or tablet is preferred :wink:

Well done :facepunch:t2:

Badass, respect.

Looks great! Even on a mobile! Great job!


I prefer to use landscape Mode on mobile

Great work so far! this really will change everything…

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Awesome mad skillz


You’re awesome.

Words are missing… What a powerful tool !! And for free ! I’ll place a donation for sure. Thank you, and all the amazing talented guys who offer their time (and money) to make ours easier. :wink:

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Awesome! Would be glad if I also had your skills.

Did anyone analyze their ride yet? If so please share a picture :wink:

Just a short ride, but invaluable data.

Awesome work thanks!

Might just be me but when I upload a log, from VESC monitor (Android) It just gives a blank white screen?

And the reason why would be, I’m using the other app also named “VESC Monitor”

I use this because I don’t have a ble adapter just bluetooth.

Maybe you should use this Version:

Because it requires ble not just regular bluetooth. Have to buy one of guess.

Dig some high current testing:

Here is the logfile (.csv): -> 2017-02-11…

Video and more info in this post: