VESC dead? DRV8302 contact problems?

Hi guys,

I was riding at the beach, everything was working fine. I then charged my batteries two days later, switched on my board but nothing happened after pushing the remote control.

I think one of my VESCs got damaged due to salt :disappointed_relieved:.

I can communicate with the VESC normally using the BLDC tool but as soon as I run the motor detection the motor doesn’t spin and I get a bad detection result (the same motor works properly with my other VESC).

So, any ideas (beside the obvious one of buying a new VESC :roll_eyes:)?

Thanks Andreas

Trying cleaning the vesc with alcohol


Cleaned it with Isopropanol but it didn’t work :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Try to run again the firmware on that vesc alone, and do motor detection wi only one motor…canbus disconnected…also ask @trampa…good luck…

Already did that, except asking @trampa.

That’s a clone, VESC compatible. What model, manufacturer is that? Split PPM or CAN Bus used?

I’m using CAN.

Not sure which manufacturer it is. I attached pics, perhaps that helps.

No official release. They put Benjamin’s name on and, or didn’t remove the branding from the PCB files that Benjamin Vedder published years back. It is an old 4.12 design.

Install VESC-Tool, update the FW. Select the FW 4.10,4.11,4.12 Try to run motor detection., If that does not work, get a new device.

If you use CAN BUS on a V4.12, be sure to always switch them on simultaneous (e.g. connect them to a single battery/switch). If you switch them on one after another the CAN transceiver will blow up.

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That’s a TB vesc

Give all your bullet connectors a tug, check for a bad solder under the shrink wrap.

Oh yes. I’m sorry. Thought I had already written that :roll_eyes: