VESC died because he's in Russia? (Motor acting weird)

Hi guys, this my firs post here, iI hope I don’t get a ban!

Maybe somebody can explain me what happened to my VESC . Today I rode my DIY board. It was all OK until I got off the curb. One of the two motors began to slow down when I pressed “forward” on my RC. Second motors was pushing me forward, I mean that one is strongly hindered and the second was gaining speed, not the most pleasant feeling… Sometimes it started working properly, but then this problem appeared again. Later I removed the belt because I couldn’t remove the cover and disconnect it. For a while It was rotated properly, then again disconnected. Then completely ceased to rotate the motor. At home, it absolutely stopped responding to RC. Recently I had the same problem, I reconnected VESC and everything became all good, corrected wires and everything worked. As a result, I can connect this VESC to the computer, I can update firmware without problems, it reacts to RC ( LEDs indicate this), but the engine does not rotate. I made a video of how I connected it to the VESC Tool. Here you can see how VESC “works”… Can you tell me the reason? VESC DEAD??

YOUTUBE video vesc tool

VESC 4.12 10s4p battery Motor 6455 ( 2 motors - good, its work with second vesc)

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So is it just one vesc acting weird or u got problem with both?

Not sure what it is. maybe needs checking if both have same settings and are calibrated properly…

I think u usually get an error fault if u mess up vesc, so u should still be good

Both have same settings, all was ok. I trying setup both like new(wizzard option in vesc tool) and one still looks dead

I would suggest posting your info in existing thread. Not sure how else to help for now :slight_smile:

Seems ur phase wire (motor wire) is shorted / touching. Your VESC seems to be fine as well as ur remote.

I think reflashing the VESC will work, get it to default values and check. If it works, try setting your desired values again (Carefully).

It’s possible, because the first time I ran into one, I was just fixing the wires, and at some point, things got good. But now he does not react. And it scares me too much of the current spread on the lower scale.

I already did reflash and down grage. Nothing

Nah, its DVR Dead. Its done. But Maytech will be repair it free