VESC - Direct from the PCB Factory - Custom Cables and Connectors

Vanda Electronics is offering VESC’s with custom connectors and cables. You can pick your motor and battery connectors and we will offer custom lengths for the cables so you can have a neat and clean installation.

Price is $110 USD

We have plenty of units in stock and will ship orders with custom connectors in 48 hours (monday-friday).

As a manufacturer with our own equipment; we have the flexability to customize product and also meet your custom requests. We do 100% testing of the VESC with a spin-up test with and without hall sensors.

You can see more of our factory here.


While we are in the subject of CC license, there is no mention at all on the webpage that this is the work of Vedder and that it is open source

Thank you Blasto for your kind reminder! This is our first time to manufacture open source project. I just made changed of our website. Do you think it’s correct now?

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yep that is all that it is needed


You should add an option for 5.5mm bullet connectors on the motor side, TB motors use it for example. XT90(-S) on the battery side would be nice too! :wink:

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Nice to see more VESC manufacturers! Good luck!

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Thank you for checking Blasto :grin:

Nice ideas IDVert3X! We will add those connectors on Monday :slight_smile:

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hi Karen. I see you only use one capacitor? what is it rated?

Hello bbq870, it’s genuine Panasonic capacitor with 2200uf rating.

Could u do two at least? I read that the typical battery wire inductance is more than it should be especially with foc. Or maybe even 3 capacitors? People build boards with long wires and with so many vesc deaths might as well get it covered

Hello Hummie, our single capacitor is rated to 2200uF. Our competitors typically used 3x650uF or 2x1000uF. As a result, we have more capacitance than our competitors.

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This looks really appealing! So you ship from Taiwan? I have a few Q’s What company do you use for shipping? Can we expect to pay duty as well? How long to Europe? (UK specifically)

Hello Jakeii,

Yes, we ship from Taiwan and we use FedEx to ship our parts. It will take about 4~5 days to UK. The custom duty is about 22% (VAT is about 20% + 2.1% duty rate). Custom duty can and will vary slightly based on the interpretation of the harmonized code.


Do you write the real value of your product on the paperwork for customs?

We must write the actual value on the invoice used for customs.

As division of much larger company we ship 1000’s of products per year and we must follow custom laws or it could jeopardize custom clearance on our business to business orders.

Hi Karen

I’m really interested in this VESC, but before buying can you please answer a couple of questions?

Do you provide any kind of warranty?

I can’t see the 5.5 mm gold connector option on your website, is it available?

Thanks jujet

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Hello Jujet,

    Thank you for ordering VESC from Vanda. I hope you enjoy your ride.