VESC doesnt boot up when I connect hall sensors to it

7+6So I salvaged these hub motors from an unbranded esk8 and hooked them up to a VESC. Things seem to be working almost okay, with one problem being the top speed compared to the unbranded skateboard the hubs originally belonged to, another being the startup clogging. I believe that the issue would be resolved if I could get the hall sensors to work (6pin) but when I hook the sensor on the VESC, VESC does not show up on the BLDC tool. Anyone faced similar issues and know any ways to troubleshoot?

What do you mean does not boot up? That you can not connect to the vesc using bldc tool or that the vesc does not turn on at all.

Are you sure the hal sensors are connected with the correct power supply polarity? Sounds like you might be shorting the 3v3 power rail.

is there a way to check the polarity without opening up the motor?

@orkunturkey do you found a solution to this?