Vesc DRV Pins Misaligned - Causing Faults?

The DRV chip on this Vesc seems to be misaligned a bit and it seems to cause the FAULT_CODE_DRV8302 and ABS OVER CURRENT error codes. Also, if my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, it appears that some pins are bridged.

Would this internally damage the drv chip? Should I just replaced it or realign the pins? I’ve got the proper equipment(rework station, flux).

Realign it, the 2 bridges i think its normal (i’ve seen it on other VESCS). Then just try it again.

Before trying to realign it, I highly suggest to look under it to see if the Ground pad is correctly solder, because the soldering job look pretty weak.


Yeah I was thinking about that too. The pad looks to be making contact, might be a little higher than usual since the pins are not fully flat on the pcb trace.

Can anyone confirm this? I find that hard to believe.

@chaka @torqueboards

I think you’re right, this is from benjamin’s website:

Yeah no bridges. This board almost looks as if the solder joints were not hot enough when soldered. They are all dull.

The two bridge are normal… at pad 53-54 and 51-50

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Any idea why Vedder’s picture doesn’t have em?

It depend on the mask of the PCB.

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This is a stock @torqueboards No Warranty VESC. Buyers beware.

You can clearly see them on this blank PCB

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Ah okay. Gotcha.

Please don’t make bad publicity on other Topic, because you didn’t read the term and condition before buying something…

It is not nice to do something like that for someone who try to do is best… @torqueboards

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What voltage have you supplied to the vesc? If you reflow the DRV chip it could still be operational. Takes a steady hand.

It was tested using 8S Lipos(30v).

Depending on @torqueboards response, I’ll reflow the chip and test again.

Use a heat gun to nudge the DRV a bit.

I’ve got the reflow equipment. I’ll do just that. I just don’t want to modify anything in case TB does a replacement.

I hear you. Best to talk with your vendor first.

Yeah, sure. Send it in.