Vesc drv8302 fault + Failed detection

I didn’t want to hijack the other thread so I’m making this one.

I had everything set up and running last night. Went out for 2 test rides and both went well. After the second test ride I wanted to adjust the sensitivity of the nunchuck stick for smoother acceleration. I loaded up bldc tool and was browsing around the tabs and realized that in App Config/PPM tab, Control mode was checkmarked Current instead of Disabled. I had it set for the Nunchuck so I disabled PPM and rebooted. When it turned back on, the motor spun up by itself for a few seconds and stopped. After that, the motor would not respond to the nunchuck input. I went to the nunchuck tab and can watch the Display move when I move the stick so the vesc is seeing my inputs but nothing is happening. Next I went to the Realtime Data tab and saw the Fault drv8302 when I would hit any button on the nunchuck.

I just loaded up the latest firmware to see if would be fixed but I am still getting the same drv8302 fault and Detection fails every time now. The motor isn’t moving at all.


At this point, it seems I have a dead drv8302 chip. Any ideas?

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I got the same result. Do u have any plan to replace with new DRV8302?

Probably going to order both a new chip and another vesc. I’ve never soldered something that small so if I mess up… I’ll still be able to ride. And if I do it and it works, I’ll be ready for dual motors lol.

I just want to be sure that’s what it is. This is going to set me back at least another 2 weeks :frowning:


That sucks bro. At least you can still ride though!

New vesc ordered. Still going to try to get this working while I wait for it to get here. At least I got to ride for a few minutes last night lol.


Hi guys, I replaced new DRV8302 and tested, works like a charm now. Good for dual drive. yeah :smile:


Woohoo! Glad you got it working. My chip has been ordered should be in this weekend. How was it soldering all those tiny pins?

I bought 2 chip in case anything happens and hell it did. I have no experience in surface mount soldering. Via prof. youtube, I tried to solder it and very poor soldering. Removed it again and went to Portsmouth Uni lab, asked for a technician to do it for me. hahaha I must say its quite hard to do it myself for the first time. Removing the chip is easy if you use hot gas and I think that’s what Vedder’s using in his tutorial vid.

I have had the error DRV8302 after passing to FOC mode, the autoconfig had been done with the gears and was not precise, each time i accelerated the error jumped in, and I couldn’t get the board moving when standing on it, after removing the Belt I did the config properly and voila every thing is working as a charm, FOC does make a huge difference compared to BLDC. Hope this helps