VESC DRV8302 some pads came of from pcb, still fixable? [fixed]


In an effort to replace fried DRV8303 on my VESC. I disassembled the fried 8302. But while doing that, some of the pin solder areas on the pcb came off and some bent. Here is a photo of it (sorry for uncleaned board, dont have solder wick & isopropyl yet):

You can see the pin areas on top left corner are gone. But these pins (4 & 5) look unused. Am I correct?

Do you think this is still fixable or ruined?

Still good, clean it up with some solder wick

Some of the solder pads are bent but I believe they are fixable.

result : it is completely dead.

soldered new drv8302. checked all pins to secure they are not touching each other. check all pins reaching to end of lines on the pcb.

1st test : leds come on and off immediately at start, then also on power off.

2nd test : while trying to secure connections more. Fault pin pad came off. Now it is not turning on even the leds.

A sad day for my hobby. I dont know what to do with this board now. I also spend extra on fixing equipment + new drv8302 chip.

Hi everyone!

Great news! I managed to fix it. It is working. Although many pads came off on the pcb, they were mostly unused pins. And I made bridge for 1 pin.

Are there any steps I should take to verify it is working safely?