Vesc dual motor

hey guys, wanted to know what vesc do you recommend for my gear? the gear: infinity truck + superstar wheel 8 inch tyre 2x turnigy 6374 168kv motors battery: 10s4p samsung 30q 36v 12AH and if you can put a link

Focbox Focbox unity Vesc6 from trampa boards Flipsky 6.6 single, dual Depends sure also on your budget

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do you got links for them?

Google is your friend :wink: It’s really super easy to find.


if you’re tight on budget, the sk8 esc from Hobbyking works great for their price. you can run 2 of them together so if one blows, you can pretty much hot swap one of them out. whereas the dual esc’s, if one side blows you gotta buy the whole dual unit

if i put 2x flipsky 4.12 50A vesc would it be good?

Location on your profile my friend then we can point you to items/vendors that can be easily obtained shipping wise. As for motor controllers well theres a whole forum full of reviews about practically every variant out there. Personally speaking the best 4.12 is a focbox. Now the Unity has taken over that mantle but its a dual. HK sk8 are a great cheap option and work very well. I use both focboxes and HK and both are reliable and strong.