VESC, electric skatebord

Hi all, I am curious where the best place to get my VESC from? I am going to make an electric long board, The battery pack is going to be 10s. BTW I am from the United States. I would defiantly like to be local. Not just because I like buying from US, but I don’t want it to have free shipping then take a year to get to me.

Do a little research on the forum to find whats best for you. Take a look at Enertion’s FocBox or maybe flipsky.

Edit: It also depends one the rest of you setup what else you using??

You have an array of options to research

This is the only VESC; the V6 is a single-motor controller (purchase two VESCs, for two motors):

This is our forum owners’ dual ESC, it can control two motors:

As others have stated here, there are many other single- and dual- ESC options for your research, all reviewed here on our site, available at your convenience.

good hunting!

I have a @torqueboards vesc with a ppm cable for receiver that I can sell to you for 80 shipped.

hello im interesed in the vesc im from mexico can you ship?

sure pm me your address and i can calculate shipping cost

Are you interested

Trampa Boards, they ship super fast to the US…Vesc 6 , probably best choice of the market, own two of them with 12S lipo’s for each one…

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