VESC Enclosure: 3mm Plexiglass (colored) Enclosure with wire clamping

Hello everyone,

Per request (@Michaelinvegas) I decided to share my VESC enclosure design.

The main purpose for this:

  1. Protect the VESC from physical interaction with other components in our (often) tight eboard enclosures. Avoiding damage to the VESC.
  2. Clamp the soldered motor and battery wires to relieve any stress from the motor wires. I for example had the motorwires move alot when turning the board, thus tugging on the wires.

Give me your thoughts on the design and any new features that would be handy to implement. I’ve tried making it as low profile as I can. I will add some velcro to keep the VESC from rattling inside

INNER DIMENSIONS (3mm plexi): W= 44mm H= 21mm (I can decrease it by 3-4mm, but as every VESC is shrinkwrapped a bit differently I thought I’d leave some room) L= 138mm

If enough people are interested I will maybe sell them. I have to wait for an hour or 2 to use the lasercutter and I can get about 2.5 enclosures out of a (€7) plexiglass sheet. So I think a price of 5-10 excluding shipping is what I was thinking about, but those are details for later if there is interest (and for which pricerange). I can also make it in different colors


Sweet! Im interested. Can you do design for dual VESC?

Yeah sure I can just double the width and add a seperation plane (or any other suggestions). But I wanna make sure it fits, so I’d like to ship the first one to someone with 2 VESCs (because I don’t have 2) and I wanna be sure things fit before more people want to buy one.

Sign me up for the 2 VESC tester!

That is lovely, can’t wait till you start selling these!

It’s so :heart_eyes:

Bravo sir!

Hahaha, oh you :sweat_smile:. Nothing to write home about, I googled boxmaker and added 10 minutes of drawing in inkscape/coreldraw.

But I’d like to add features if I can find any. I’m not gonna add ports for programming. Well maybe I will, hmm dunno

Just ask for input here…no need to find what u need to add

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I would suggest a 2nd version of the lid to accommodate VESCs with a heatsink

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This is Awesome! Would you consider putting your design on thingiverse, so that those of us with acces to a lazer cutter could make them?

Sure I’ll do that this evening. The dimension should work for normal VESCs, but as I said: if your VESC is wrapped a bit different then the fit might be a bit off.And keep in mind: the slots are for 3mm thick material.

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that looks really cool!! the natural height would be 18mm like 18650cells! :wink:

Thanks! Yeah I’ve thought about it, but the plexi is 6mm in total and with 12mm left that won’t be enough I’m afraid, there certainly isn’t a cm left in there to take away I’m afraid. But if a slimmer version is preferred I can still shave it down to 18mm inner diameter

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I’d be interested! I have 2 VESCs same as @AbrownMN

@3sly That looks really nice. I’ve always wondered why nobody had come up with a case design for VESC’s. They always looked so fragile and exposed to me, even with the shrink wrap. When I do end up getting one or two, I’m definitely gonna be looking for this case for them :thumbsup:

Nice!! Maybe to get to 18mm standard 18650 height there is an option for thinner walls or open bottom (attaches to deck anyway) or something.

I was also thinking of that, i’ll see if I can come up with something the coming weeks.

Either way: the first version as the one in the picture is available on thingiverse (‘VESC enclosure’)

LMK, I have a few builds underway I could use this with, double ESC. Will check out thingverse, but I have only used that for 3D printed wheel pulleys and don’t have access to a lasercutter (or even where to ask for that, out of my comfort zone!). Any pointers on how to get one made, I am in NYC. Thanks for any advice on this!

Hmmm, is this yours on thingiverse?

There area few older ones,

Looks different, can you send a link? Thanks!

Ow yeah seems like it wasn’t posted do to my account created earlier. Now it’s online.

Yeah it’s only makeable with a lasercutter, I used a trotec lasercutter in the Fablab. Do you have something similar in NYC? something like this makerspace:

For me it’s free to use, just takes a while to wait for one to get free.

A note on the design though: I’m gonna change the ventilation, because do to the heat the acrilyc bars bend a little.