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Vesc enclosure?

Hey guys, I need help. So I’ve got all of my parts and successfully found an enclosure for just my batteries, now I’d like to find something for my VESC. I’ve been using things from around the house: as you can see from the sliding hdd enclosure for the batteries here:

I’ve been using this metal plate, which is angled as sort of a skid plate and it works successfully, but I’m not sure it will offer enough protection for the vesc from dust, etc… What do you guys think and what are you guys using?

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How abt small Tupperware and cut holes for the cables … And paint it black

hmm, that could work. I may combine the two because since it’s in the middle of the board, that’s one of the spots that is likely to rub and bump into things. Especially since it’s the dervish, which flexes a lot…

Have you got a 3d printer? I think there is a case on thingiverse for a VESC.

I wish hahaha

Why don’t you do a mini vacuum form?

Could set up some Legos or anything as a mold…and use that to cover it

Even better … Just get some Legos and build a box and super glue the Legos


Tried that a year ago, works!:slight_smile:


Super cool man!!!:metal:t2:

I would love to share your photos with my friend that works for Legoland. She promotes the theme park in San Diego. She would get a kick out of seeing pictures.

No problem with that! I have some more of them. They were quite astonished here as well in the Lego shop when they asked me what I’m going to build with it (they always ask!). :slight_smile:


Shared and Bravo mate…

I might have to build a mini millennium falcon to use as my enclosure… Lol

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That is SUPER cool! Why didn’t I think if that?! I like the vent pieces and charging ports. Now I’m gonna have to build one, just to try it. I can already envision some design ideas. Lol. Any tips for a new box builder? Did you actually super glue them together?

I remember that I took the strongest glue I could find. Something like this maybe:

Also, I replaced those little “holder”-pieces on top of the box with strong neodym magnets to hold it in place, looks a little bit cleaner and it’s very easy to open.

Also you could find the specific needed parts like the slim one row bricks in eBay for a cheaper price (second hand and cleaned). To deal with the concave I used neoprene sheets, cut it in pieces to fill the gaps and also glued it together with a more flexible glue.

Btw, I use those neodym magnets for all my boxes on the boards to hold them in place, it works just perfect! But of course the components have to be mounted on a base plate to make the box lighter and easily removable.

@elkick I’ve got a ton of oddly shaped legos that could make for an interesting design. And you use magnets to hold the enclosure to the board? I know those neodymium magnets are super strong, but I would be scared of them coming loose for any reason and ruining my day. I do like the potential ease of removing the whole enclosure quickly though. What size and quantity of magnets do you use? Are there any other physical components holding the box in place?

With the Lego box I used an additional tiny velcro strip on front an back side, but removed it later on, since there was no failure. Even if the top plate would have fallen off it wouldn’t have caused big damages since everything is mounted on that base plate.

With the other boards I use the strongest magnets I could find here, they are really strong - 4 of them on the long side of the box, 3 of them on the shorter sides. I think it was this shop:

Additionally, I have one nut in the front and in the back of the box which can be pulled of by hand (looks like a tiny wheel, 1cm diameter, takes 5 seconds to unscrew them) for security.

Wait, so the box/base plate is bolted to the board and just the access plague is held on with magnets? Still, so many great ideas with the legos, magnets, Velcro and thumb screws. Got any more pics?

Yes, exactly. It’s like this: baseplate contains two slots where a velcro is put through under the entire baseplate, the ends hold the electronics & battery. The baseplate is glued (could also be bolted) to the deck, the velcro and neoprene acts dampening to the electronics.

So the content of the box is virtually tightly “hanging” in the box held by velcro and the cover plate is just mounted with magnets. This way the electronic parts are less affected by vibration.

Velcroed parts: 2 Nuts to remove the box: Another velcro solution, the box is bolted to the deck: Another older example for baseplates to mount stuff (I wouldn’t use that silly ESC anymore!:slight_smile:)

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This is amazing. (lego board)

@elkick that blue…did you paint it that color? Or did it come that way?

It came this way, it’s a beercan brewster board (cruiser 30") and available in blue, green, red and silver. :slight_smile:
Nice to mount things on those rails!