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Vesc enclosure?

Thanks…love that blue color…

Ok back to the subject…VESC enclosure…

I wonder why they just don’t mass produce a plastic snap enclosure…something like you put on travel toothbrushes?

Or something like this?

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I’m working on something like that. I can lasercut plexi (all thicknesses) at uni. Give me a sec i’ll upload it, I can use some feedback for nice features for example.

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The front and backplates have extra plates to clamp the cables coming out of the vesc. That’s the main reason I made this, I dislike the fact that the motor cables can tug on the VESC solder joints when inside the enclosure. Any other features or suggestions that I can add? If people are interested I can produce them very cheaply. But right now it’s only for me unless there is some interest.

Yeah man pretty sweet :+1:t2:

And you woulda thunk something like this would come with it already

:wink: Hint hint

I’ll make some prototypes next week and make another thread about it.


Yeah man offer it up as a kit…would be cool in different colors etc…