VESC failure after reverse polarization

I made a battery where wrong polarity. When I connected the battery to Vesc, the connectors were blown. After that I made the correct polarization, but the radio control does not work. When I power the Vesc up, the red LED flashes three times, then blue and green (on top) remains on. When I plug in my transmitter and pull the trigger, Vesc does not respond, but when I connect Vesc to my computer and click on the “Start detection” button, the motor starts to spin. What should I do to solve this problem if possible?

Does the receiver power on? some LED or something on it should turn on when it gets power

Yes. The receiver is working correctly.

Have you tried to look at it in the BLDC tool in the PPM tab? it might not get the input…

No, becouse I don’t know where i can do this. I don’t know the BLDC Tool yet.

But i wrote the default configuration, and everything should work.

And yes, in the PPM tab there ins’t any input signals

When you go to the PPM tab there is a check box and it says display… it displays the PPM input …signal as the VESC sees/processes it If you have it set up right it should be showing 50% when you dont pull the trigger

It is showing 50%, but when I pull the trigger it isn’t react.

Did you turn on ppm? Default only has uart turned on

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OMG. I’m so stupid, thanks for help, it is working now.


So you are telling us, that the VESC and receiver actually survived wrong polarity :flushed: ?

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Yes, the VESC survived wrong polarity from 6s 60A battery pack. I’m very lucky guy. This is connector who were take the wrong polarity:

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Lucky it was that connecter, an xt60/90 wouldnt have melted that quick and fried the vesc

Xt60 and deans are both 60a & 100a burst rated…

Xt90 is 90/150

I’ve done the same thing before, billowed out the magic smoke for a good 5 seconds before I burned my fingers and unplugged the battery. That vesc is still working to this day. The battery however…

Edit: mine had xt60s the only thing that happened other than the connectors melting, was that both of my lipos now have cells at .34 volts :grimacing:


Whoa that’s pretty amazing that they can survive that. Not that I intend to test it myself, but it always feels like if electronics don’t have reverse polarisation protection they’ll instantly die from it. Apparently not, though :open_mouth:

That closest I’ve come to reversing my battery leads so far has been accidentally attempting to plug in a 2 x 3S to 1 x 6S adapter the opposite way to the discharge leads. It made a big fat CRACK with a blinding flash and burnt one of the JST connector pins but everything is still fine and the battery cells don’t seem hurt, so all is well :stuck_out_tongue:

Needless to say I jumped three feet in the air despite being seated…

nope, i vaporised a xt60 in exact the same way, vesc was still working

Oh believe me, I jumped about 10 feet then froze. That’s why I took so long :joy:

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